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Thursday 1st September 2016
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Does sound rise from underwater in bubbles?


deep-sea-diving.jpgMy friend Magic Dave told me people underwater who come across a shark scream to scare it off. Does that scream rise in bubbles and can then be heard on the surface?
Robbie, Feltham


** Definitive **
Name: James O'Brien
Qualification: Going out on a limb
Answer: No. Of course not.

** Double Definitive **
Name: Dan, Southfields
Qualification: Been underwater before
Answer: If you shouted into a box, you couldn't catch the noise in a box. When you shout underwater, it will go through the air in your mouth, then hit the water, then transmit the water in the air. If the noise is loud enough, you will hear it outside of the air, but it won't be in a bubble. It can definitely rise to the surface.

** Triple Definitive **
Name: Carina, Camberley
Qualification: Bath-time experience!
Answer: My five-year-old son regularly goes underwater and shouts and it is very audible.

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