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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Download These Free Programs

Keep your computer safe and running quickly by downloading these free programs. Make sure you follow the links below to get the programs, as there are other similar programs who will try to make you pay for similar products.

If your computer is running slowly...

Will clean out all the things you no longer need on your computer to avoid the dreaded slowdown of your computer. It is freeware, but there are lots of similar sounding programs which cost, so make sure you don’t pay anything for this. The CCleaner site asks for donations, but this is not obligatory, so just go straight to the download page.
Get CCleaner Now

If you have malware on your PC...

If you have any Malware problems - a type of virus that is trying to sell you something, the free version of AdAware will help you find the problem.
Get AdAware Now

Another great scanner, labelled the best privacy software available.
Get SpyBot Now

While you should only ever use one anti-virus programs, you should try a few malware removers, to make sure you get rid of everything. This is another good one.
Get MalwareBytes

For free anti-virus protection...

A free anti-virus program that will give you real-time protection against viruses and spyware.
Get AVG Now

Another good free anti-virus program.
Get Avast Now

Free anti-virus software for the Mac - although it rarely suffers from viruses, don't get complacent!
Get Clamxav Now

Other great free programs...

VLC Player
Working on both a PC and a Mac, VLC Player is the best choice for playing any video format. It claims that if it's playable, VLC will play it!
Get VLC Player Now

Our preferred web browser. Quicker and more secure than Internet Explorer.
Get Firefox Now

Make sure you upgrade to the new iTunes 10, on which you can share your music library with up to five other computers – perfect for being able to share your music without getting into any copyright difficulties.
Get iTunes Now