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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Is the National Trust right to ban hunting on its land?

Posted by Duncan Barkes on February 06, 2013 at 04:25AM

The question we posed on Wednesday morning on LBC 97.3

Morning, Duncan Barkes here.

This is what we talked about on Wednesday, on London's Biggest Conversation.

We started with a topic which we don't tend to cover on my show on LBC 97.3 and that is the issue of hunting. The National Trust has banned David Cameronís hunt from parkland created for hunting in the 17 Century following a controversial case brought by the RSPCA. Countryside campaigners have criticised the Trust for a 'populist' move and said instead it should be sticking up for the countryside.

So I asked is the National Trust right to ban hunting on its land? I was intrigued by Rachel in Crawley who feeds foxes at night time and doesn't see anything wrong with them.

We also discussed unlicensed minicabs too, as an unlicensed minicab driver who raped a female passenger after tricking her male companion to get out of the car and ask for directions has been jailed for nine years. Ellie Feghaly, 44, had picked up the 33-year-old victim and her friend in central London after they left a bar in Leicester Square in August last year.

So simply why are unlicensed cabs still on the streets of London?

Finally we discussed diets, despite investing heavily in my own girth I decided that I wanted to investigated some of the new fangled diets in 2013. Two hot new regimes have caught on since New Year, each promising pain-free weight loss. Can either make the pounds melt away?

What diets have you tried that actually work?

It all made for interesting stuff, if you missed the show then make sure that you do listen to the podcast on

Until tomorrow