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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Euro Criminals Proves Hot Spot In Debate

Wednesday 26th March 2014

The deportation of criminals from Europe created the biggest row in the LBC Leaders' Debate, live on LBC.

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Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage were involved in an angry row when discussing whether membership of the EU makes it easier or more difficult to remove criminals.

Mr Clegg insisted that the European Union meant that we were able to bring 21/7 bomber Hussain Osman and teacher Jeremy Forrest back to the UK to face justice.

He told the LBC Leaders' Debate: "How on Earth is it possible for Ukip to claim it is somehow patriotic to make our streets less safe, how on Earth is it possible for you to say you would stand up for Britain if you would not actually extradite and bring back hundreds of people to face British justice?

However, Mr Farage looked visibly angry as he said that the arrest warrant had allowed a London man to be left "to rot in a Greek hellhole for over a year without his rights of habeus corpus".

He retorted: "I think it's an abomination. How you can call yourself a liberal and support the destruction of all the great principles of British liberty by signing up to European law I do not know.

"What the Human Rights Act has done is it has thrown all of this up in the air and we finish up with the ridiculous situation where we can't deport an Italian Mafia boss back to Italy because under his human rights, the jails there aren't up to an acceptable standard.

"It's time we got back to the principle of liberty and freedom and forgot about European human rights."

And in an ironic echo of David Cameron and Gordon Brown's comment "I agree with Nick" in the 2010 leaders' debates, Mr Farage added: "By the way, I don't agree with Nick."