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Friday 26th August 2016
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'Rail Fares Could Increase By 5.6%' Warns Ed Miliband

Friday 1st August 2014

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband warns of a 5.6% rail fare increase as he prepares to speak exclusively to LBC.

ed miliband speech

Labour Leader Ed Miliband has called for better “value for money” on the railways after new findings from within the party reveal that fares could rise by 5.6% in the New Year.

Miliband spoke exclusively to LBC and said: “The Government says they’re applying a cap on rail fares but it’s a cap with holes in it which allows them to actually charge more on the most profitable routes. That isn’t a cap that’s actually working for passengers.”

Miliband also discussed the potential part renationalisation of the railways which he says could present an option that works best for both the passenger and the tax payer.

“The Government has got a view that says private is always going to be better than public.  But that’s not the experience in other countries in Europe. So we’re saying, let’s have a fair contest, a level playing field, and allow the public sector to compete against the private sector. ”

Miliband will be speaking with Iain Dale and taking calls about this and other issues later today exclusively on LBC.