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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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European Elections 2014: Full List of UK Results

Wednesday 28th May 2014

The composition of the European Parliament has been decided for the next five years.

Elections have been taking place across all 28 member states to elect 751 MEPs -  73 of which are in the UK. 

The UK is divided into twelve electoral regions with each region having between three and ten MEPs.

Each MEP represents every person living in the whole of their region - so if you have eight MPs in your region you could contact any of them rather than having just one looking after exactly where you live.

European Elections 2014 - Full List of UK Results:

Eastern Region (7 MEPs)

Conservatives: 3

Labour: 1

UKIP: 3 including Patrick O'Flynn, UKIP Director of Communications

UKIP up two, Conservatives down one, Lib Dems down one.

Ukip polled 542,812, up from 313,921 at the previous election, and gained a seat at the expense of the Liberal Democrats.

But the three Tory MEPs in the region held their seats while Labour increased its share of the vote, meaning that MEP Richard Howitt kept his seat.

East Midlands Region (5 MEPs)

Conservatives: 2

Labour: 1


Conservatives up one, Lib Dems down one.

Ukip candidates Roger Helmer and Margot Parker were elected along with Tories Emma McClarkin and Andrew Iain Lewer and Labour's Glenis Willmott, while the Liberal Democrats lost their seat.

UkIP collected 368,734 of the votes, the Conservatives 291,270 and Labour 279,363. The Green Party came in fourth, with 67,066 votes, beating the Liberal Democrats into fifth place with 60,773.

London Region (8 MEPs)

Labour: 4

Conservatives: 2


Greens: 1

Labour up two, Conservatives down one, Lib Dems down one

North East Region (3 MEPs)

Labour: 2 seats - Jude Kirton-Darling and Paul Brannen

UKIP: 1 seat - Jonathan Arnott

Labour up one, UKIP up one, Conservatives down one, Lib Dems down one

Turnout: 30.92%

Labour polled 221,988 and took two of the available three seats, while Ukip won 177,660 votes, far ahead of the Tories in third with 107,733.

The Liberal Democrats scored 36,093, while the Greens ran them close with 31,605.

The result meant Tory Martin Callanan, who was Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists group, lost his seat and the Lib Dems failed to retain the seat they won in 2009.

North West Region (8 MEPs)

Conservatives: 2

Labour: 3


Labour up one, UKIP up two, Conservatives down one, Lib Dems down one, BNP down one.

Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall declared the age of four-party politics has arrived after his party got three MEPs in the North West poll.

Ukip equalled Labour's result, with the Conservative Party getting the two other North West seats in the European Parliament.

The Liberal Democrats lost their one MEP in the region after tonight's count, as did the BNP, whose leader Nick Griffin was deposed.

South East Region (10 MEPs)


Conservatives: 3

Labour: 1

Green: 1

Lib Dems: 1

Nigel Farage re-elected.

UKIP up three, Conservatives down two, Lib Dems down one.

South West Region (6 MEPs)

Conservatives: 2


Labour: 1

Green: 1

Conservatives down one, Labour up one, Green up one, Lib Dems down one.

A veteran Liberal Democrat MEP was one of the highest profile casualties -  Sir Graham Watson, who was first elected to the European Parliament in 1994, failed to be elected as one of six MEPs representing the South West.

West Midlands Region (7 MEPs)

Conservatives: 2

Labour: 2


UKIP up three, Labour up one, Conservatives down one, Lib Dems down one, Independence down one, Referendum down one.

Ukip increased its European representation in the West Midlands to three MEPs, meanwhile, Labour increased its share of the vote compared to 2009 to edge ahead of the Tories, although both parties took two of the seven seats up for grabs.

Labour's Neena Gill returned as an MEP after a five-year absence, while her party colleague, former Birmingham Erdington MP Sion Simon, was also elected.

After existing Conservative MEPs Anthea McIntyre and Philip Bradbourn secured seats, newly-elected Ukip MEP Jim Carver claimed a "wind of change" was being felt throughout Europe.

Yorkshire and Humber Region (6 MEPs)

Conservatives: 1

Labour: 2


UKIP up three, Labour up one, Lib Dems down two, BDP down one, Independents down one.

Ukip topped the poll in the region with more than 400,000 votes.

It was a bad night for the Lib Dems with the party coming in fifth, trailing the Greens in the overall vote.

The party also came fifth in Sheffield, where Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is among the local MPs. 

Wales Region (4 MEPs)

Conservatives: 1

Labour: 1

PC: 1


No change.

Labour grabbed the most votes with 206,332 - pipping Ukip by just around 4,300.

The Conservatives took third place with 127,742 and Plaid Cymru came home fourth with 111,864.

The Liberal Democrats trailed in sixth, behind the Green Party.

Scotland Region (6 MEPs)

Conservative: 1

Labour: 2

SNP: 2


Ukip has won its first parliamentary seat in Scotland after a knife-edge European election contest.

Nigel Farage's party - which dominated in England - picked up 10.4% of the vote, giving them the sixth and final seat available north of the border.

The result was delayed until today to allow for counting in the Western Isles.

The SNP and Labour remain on two seats each while the Tories keep their single seat.

Northern Ireland Region (3 MEPs)

Sinn Fein: 1

Ulster Unionist: 1

Democratic Unionists: 1

All three of Northern Ireland's outgoing European MPs have been re-elected for another termt.

After 25 hours of counting in the King's Hall in Belfast, Ulster Unionist Jim Nicholson was confirmed as the third incumbent to book his ticket back to Brussels.

Sinn Fein's Martina Anderson emerged victorious after the first round of counting and Democratic Unionist Diane Dodds was declared elected the following day.