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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Ex-Minister Slams 'Disgusting' Police Over Ashya

Monday 1st September 2014

David Mellor has slammed the "disgusting" treatment of Ashya King's family by police.

ashya parents

Brett and Naghmeh King say they wanted Ashya to have an innovative treatment which wasn't available on the NHS, but have been arrested in Spain.

The former Home Office Minister, who hosts an LBC show with Ken Livingstone every Saturday, says the family are not criminals and horrified by how Hampshire police started an international manhunt for them.

He told LBC: "I think any decent person will feel disgusted by this.

"There's this Assistant Chief Constable Shead in Hampshire pursuing these people, making me think, why wasn't he in Rotherham? The police never cease to amaze me.

"These parents were arrested in handcuffs, the woman had her head pushed in so that she got in the police car very roughly by a Spanish police officer.

"These people are no criminals. These people are just doing their best to save a child who probably, in truth, is beyond salvation. But they cannot be expected to feel that.

"Why are we treating them like criminals?

"A five-year-old kid is in hospital. He must be totally bemused at what's going on. The parents are under arrest and I think being treated very badly and totally inappropriately."

However, Simon Hayes, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, says the police had no choice.

He told Nick Ferrari: "A European Arrest Warrant is not issued on the whim of Hampshire Constabulary. It's issued having been looked at by the Crown Prosecution Service and a District judge.

"And, in this case, under separate proceedings, a High Court judge has also looked at the case and  issued an order making Ashya a ward of court."