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Friday 26th August 2016
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Farage Blames Multiculturalism For Paris Shootings

Thursday 8th January 2015

Nigel Farage says a failed multicultural policy led to the shootings at magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Nigel Farage speech

The Ukip leader told LBC that the country has a "fifth column" after encouraging people not to integrate into society.

He told Nick Ferrari:"What should have been done is we should have had a controlled immigration policy and made sure we did full checks on everybody who ever came to this country from anywhere - and that applies to everyone else.

"But also, the real question is this: we in Britain, and I've seen some evidence of this in other countries too, have a really rather gross policy of multi-culturalism.

"By that, what I mean is that we've encouraged people from other cultures to remain within those cultures and not integrate fully within our communities.

"And added to that, we have turned a blind eye. You've only got to look in the north of England and the sexual grooming of young children to see admissions from public figures that they didn't bother to turn over the stone, when they heard rumours of things going wrong for the fear they might be thought to be racist.

"So we have made some awful mistakes, but we are where we are.

"I don't think anyone can pretend there is a quick fix to this. We have I'm afraid, and mercifully it's small, but we do have a "Fifth Column" within our countries.

"On a cultural level, what price anybody who is a stand-up comic, a cartoonist, a newspaper columnist, who wants to say something critical about Islam at all."