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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Female Caller Owns Man Who Said Women "Play The Girly Card"

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

When this man called up to claim that women taking time off for period pains was "playing the girly card", he wasn't prepared for the brilliant response he received.

Bristol company Coexist are allowing women who suffer from period pains to take time off to create a "happier and healthier" working environment.

Stephen called up to say that the move is dangerous as it would mean women can play the 'girly card' where men just get on with it.

But Natasha in Woking was very quick to shut down his argument and the pair had a very entertaining clash about it.

Stephen said: "For it to become a universal network of ailments for work or whatever... then where do we end up? When my testicles swell up?"

But Natasha quipped: "I think they might if a woman got hold of you!"

Listen to the brilliant clip above.