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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Quiet Cul-de-Sac Overshadowed By 'Nightmare' Waste Mountain

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Residents of a quiet Bromley cul-de-sac have had their homes overshadowed by a giant mountain of waste that stops them opening windows or enjoying their gardens.

The rubbish pile

Picture: LNP

The 18,000 tonne pile of rubbish Cornwall Drive in St Paul's Cray is 40ft-high and 60ft-wide.

Residents say they have seen the value of their homes drop to between £250,000 and £225,000 since the rubbish tip began operating three years ago.

The fire service has been called to the site several times and residents have also claimed that the tip has been making them unwell.

Picture: LNP

Picture: LNP 

Alan Cowburn, 74, has lived in the cul-de-sac since 1971.

"Itís a nightmare, all the dust, the huge lorries with their reversing beepers," he told the Mirror.

"The smell can be overpowering outside, like burnt plastic. It sometimes permeates into my house. Iíve been violently sick on occasions."

Picture: LNP

Picture: LNP 

The Environment Agency is involved in an ongoing legal battle with Waste4Fuel, which operates the tip, over the removal of the waste from the site. The case is currently in the High Court with the result expected next Tuesday.

Waste4Fuel describes itself as 'a company that specialises in the collection and correct disposal of waste that can be reprocessed for use in generating electricity'.