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Friday 26th August 2016
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Brown Sidelined Me Because I'm Female Harman Claims

Tuesday 8th July 2014

Harriet Harman has told LBC she believes that her gender played a role in not being made Deputy Prime Minister by Gordon Brown. 

harriet harman

"Having had a very hard fought Deputy Leadership election and having won that election against two men who were actually in the Shadow Cabinet, with an election of all the MPs and all the Labour Party members voting to succeed John Prescott, although I became Deputy Leader I didn't succeed him as Deputy Prime Minister," she told LBC's Iain Dale.

"I asked the question 'would that have happened if one of men had been elected to be Deputy Leader?'"

The Deputy Labour Leader also launched a stinging attack on Gordon Brown's former Spin Doctor, Damian McBride, who has implied the reason for her lack of promotion was because she was 'useless'.

In a blog post Mr McBride described her claims of sexism as "utter bilge, Gordon judged people on only one thing were they useless or not."

Harriet Harman responded by saying that his past record undermines his comments on the issue.

"Damien McBride, you'll remember, was sacked for being in the employment of the Government for denegrating women and he's doing it again right now," she told Iain.

"It's why he got fired, he's learnt no lessons, he's doing it again. I think when we have to listen to Damien McBride's views on women, we really are in trouble."