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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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The Man Too Poor To Eat: Mike Offered Job Chance

Wednesday 9th December 2014

On Monday, LBC took a heartbreaking call from a man that is so poor since being made redundant that he is living on a tin of spaghetti a day.

James O'Brien was talking about the rise of foodbanks, after the Archbishop of Canterbury said they state should help fund the vital service. Mike in New Cross called LBC and was extremely emotional as he told of his struggles after being laid off.

Mike's call went viral across the world and LBC was inundated with listeners wanting to help Mike out. He refused all offers, saying he didn't want charity, he just wanted a job, any job. He told us he had sent out 2,600 applications, but received only 23 replies.

So that's what we tried. We asked any listeners who could offer Mike a chance to contact us.

Today, Pret A Manger came on to speak to Mike to give him some news. And Mike's reaction was truly wonderful.

On Monday, in the clip that went viral, he said: "I live in a tiny room, and what you get covers just what you need, and you have to go to food banks, and sometimes iím living off a tin of spaghetti a day, or a tin of beans, and there are people out there who really are struggling, and itís not fun.

"For these people to sit there to say oh go and get a job - Iím out there every day, looking and searching, and you know youíre trying to do it on your own, but you canít, and it gets harder and harder.

"You're just trying to get by. Some days I can't eat. I don't eat."

He admitted he had been forced to search through bins to find something to eat.

As he broke down in tears, James asked him what he would be doing for Christmas: "Iím doing nothing. I canít do nothing for christmas. Iíll just shut the door and listen to the radio. Thatíll be my christmas, I donít have anyone. Thatís just the way it is. Iím sorry, I canít."

It led to a flurry of calls to the LBC studio from listeners really touched by his story, offering to help out. But Mike flatly refused any money, saying he didn't want any charity.

After that clip went viral, James spoke to Mike again on his show on Tuesday. Mike was pleased to have brought the issue of poverty in modern Britain, but insisted he didn't want help, just to find work - any work.

So we're going to get him a job.

If you are able to offer Mike the opportunity to get a full-time job, then please email James below with details and contact details. We will forward these to Mike and he will contact you himself.

This is your chance to make a difference.