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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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HMV Employee Live Tweets 'Mass Firing'

Thursday 31st January 2013

A disgruntled HMV employee has used the company's twitter feed to live blog their firing.

hmvThe world-famous record store went into administration earlier this month following a disappointing Christmas period.

As employees were gathered in HR to hear their fate, one employee logged on to @hmvtweets to let the public know what was happening.

Although the tweets were deleted within a couple of minutes, they were retweeted hundreds of times. One tweet even says that the perpitrator overheard the Marketing Director asking "How do I shut down Twitter?".

We've saved the tweets and you can read them in full below.

HMV Firing: Live Tweets

From @hmvtweets
We're tweeting live from HR where we're all being fired! Exciting!! #hmvXFactorFiring

From @hmvtweets
Sorry we've been quiet for so long. Under contract, we've been unable to say a word, or -more importantly - tell the truth #hmvXFactorFiring

From @hmvtweets
There are over 60 of us being fired at once! Mass execution, of loyal employees who love the brand. #hmvXFactorFiring

From @hmvtweets
Just overheard our Marketing Director (he's staying, folks) ask "How do I shut down Twitter?" #hmvXFactorFiring

From @hmvtweets
Under usual circumstances, we'd never dare do such a thing as this. However, when the company you dearly love is being ruined...

From @hmvtweets
...and those hard working individuals, who wanted to make hmv great again, have mostly been fired, there seemed no other choice.

From @hmvtweets
Especially since these accounts were set up by an intern (unpaid, technically illegal) two years ago.

From @hmvtweets
So really, what have we to lose? It's been a pleasure folks! Best wishes to you all!