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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Fire Brigade Says Holborn Fire Not Linked To Heist

Wednesday 8th April 2015

John O’Connor, former head of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad, suggests Thursdays fire in Holdborn, which caused a power cut, may be linked to the Hatton Gardens heist.

Speaking to Iain Dale, Mr O'Connor suggested that a fire in Holborn, which caused massive power cuts in the area, could be linked to the Hatton Gardens robbery that took place over the bank holiday weekend.

"Yeah, I think that probably was deliberate.

"I've never heard of an outage of electricity like that causing a fire that lasted as long as that. That seems to me as too much of a coincidence."

The fire started underground in Kingsway, Holborn on Wednesday, but was not extinguished until late on Thursday. It led to widespread power outages and road closures in the area.

He also suggested that whoever carried out the robbery would have had inside information on the target.

"You're gonna have to have a detailed layout of the whole of the business. So clearly they got that from somebody on the inside."

The London Fire Brigade revealed on Thursday that the fire was started by an electrical fault in old equipment and was not a deliberate act.