Crime is falling in Britain, but with police numbers under threat as budgets are squeezed, how will that affect the rate?

And while crime is falling, hate crimes have risen, especially since the EU Referendum. This section will cover the main crime and policing stories across the UK.

Crime & Police

Police filmed the driver travelling at 136mph on the M60 on Sunday night

Police Catch Driver Speeding At 136mph On M60

The shocking CCTV appeared on social media over the weekend.

Van Driver Leaves Pedestrian For Dead In Shocking Hit-And-Run

Arson attack caught on CCTV.

Hooded Offenders Filmed Chucking Fuel Over DIY Shop Before Setting It Alight

The moment the man started dancing as police tried to arrest him

Bizarre Moment Suspect Starts Dancing As Police Move To Arrest Him

Police pulled out the bag of drugs after breaking into the car

Police Smash Their Way Into Car And Find Plastic Bag Full Of Drugs

EU Commission downgrades UK growth for Brexit year to 1.1%

Ian Collins

This Man Was Burgled By An Old School Friend, Who Later Apologised On Facebook