Met Chief Forgets Anti-Terror Hotline Number

The Met Police Chief Doesn't Know The Anti-Terrorism Hotline Number


This is the embarrassing moment that the country's most senior policeman didn't know the number of the anti-terror hotline.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, was told by a caller that it was too difficult for people to report alleged terrorists.

He told them they could call the anti-terror hotline, but then admitted he didn't actually know what the number was.

When asked what the number was, he stuttered: "Erm, at this second, I must admit I haven't got it with me. 

"I know it's an 0800 number, so it's a free number."

Nick Ferrari stopped him to say that is the point - shouldn't we all know this number?

Sir Bernard added: "Every other time I've been in, I've mentioned it, so this is the first time I've not actually mentioned it. 

"The point, should it be a clearer number is a good one. I think that's something we can take away and have a look at.

"The broad point, I think people know that they can ring 101, you can ring the Crimestoppers number on  0800 555111 and you can make sure that the police get the information they need."

Sir Bernard - you might want to print this out:

0800 789 321

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