Furious Pedestrian Challenges Cyclist Who Races Through Crossing

30 September 2016, 16:09

Pedestrian Cyclist Confrontation

A pedestrian has been hailed as a hero for challenging a cyclist who broke the rules of the road in London as he raced through a zebra crossing.

London Pedestrian Gives Rule-Breaking Cyclist A Piece Of His Mind

Caught on camera: the London pedestrian who decided to block a cyclist intent on getting past him at a zebra crossing.


(Video courtesy Storyful/addy)

The man had begun to cross the road when the cyclist zoomed behind him, but the pedestrian decided he wasn't going to put up with that kind of behaviour.

He stood in front of the bike and leaned into the lycra-clad cyclist, shouting at him: "Oi! It's the law! You have to stop!"

The cyclist tries to get away but the man continues to block his path, all while an audience of pedestrians and cyclists watch from behind the crossing.

It's believed the video was recorded close to the Houses of Parliament. Police have confirmed that the cyclist was indeed breaking the law in racing through the crossing while the man was so close.

As with most viral videos of cyclists behaving badly, it's drawn a wave of criticism online for the reckless rush of the man on the bike.

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