Who's In The Wrong? Driver Explodes At Cyclist In Expletive Filled Rant

8 October 2017, 10:31

A man has been filmed threatening and verbally abusing a cyclist after overtaking him on a busy city road.

A driver has been filmed succumbing to road rage by a hapless cyclist.

The whole sequence of events in Putney was recorded by cyclist Mike's helmet camera.

The footage shows Mike riding alongside a bus as it pulls in to stop. He goes to pass and the camera pans as he looks over his shoulder. He is confronted by the sight of a 4x4 accelerating towards him.

He pulls in as the driver shoots past, only to catch up with him at a set of traffic lights. The pair exchange words and the driver becomes increasingly irate before demanding that Mike pulls over.

The driver argues with Mike
The driver argues with Mike. Picture: LBC

In the video uploaded to YouTube Mike states he had primary position, an assertive road position designed to deter cars from dangerously overtaking cyclists.

The driver wasn't concerned, he remonstrated with Mike: "You're in the f****** way of me. You see your camera? Stick that up your f****** arse. Right?

"Don't f****** mess about with me, c***. You was in my f****** way. Get in front of me again I'll f****** run you straight over c***."

Watch the entire tirade above.

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