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93-year-old does U-turn on a busy motorway

93-Year-Old Man Does A U-Turn On A Busy Motorway

A woman stands in a parking space to hold it for another driver.

A Row Erupted After A Woman Stands In A Parking Space, But Who Was In The Wrong?


Appeal After Grandmother Is Thrown Into Air And Killed By Hit-And-Run BMW Driver

Dash cam footage captured the crash in the West Midlands

Audi Takes Out Ford On Busy Roundabout… But Who’s At Fault?

Lorry driver unknowingly pushes car 250ft down snowy road

Lorry Pushes Car 250ft Along Snowy Road… And The Driver Doesn’t Even Notice

Cyclist gets knocked off bike by motorist

Motorist Jailed After He’s Filmed Deliberately Knocking Cyclist Off Bike

A cyclist was knocked off by a car - but who was at fault?

Cyclist Hit By Car Turning Into Police Station, But Who Is In The Wrong?

The moment Plum's Bentley crashed at 85mph

Dashcam Footage: Bentley Driver Flees After Smashing Into Car At 85mph In Quiet Village

HGV Dash Cam Footage

Children Run Into Path Of Oncoming Lorry In Chilling Near Miss

Driver holds his own one-man roadblock on the M62

Driver Deliberately Blocks Lane On Motorway To Stop Hundreds Getting Past

Dash cam captured the angry resident

Angry Resident Goes Ballistic At Couple For Parking Outside His House

Lorry almost crashes into merging car

Lorry Almost Smashes Into Merging Car, But Who Is At Fault?

Dash-cam captures the chase in Suffolk

Motorist Drives Onto Field To Escape Dangerous BMW Driver During Road Chase

Cyclist left in road after driver swerves into him

Man Swerves To Hit Cyclist Before Driving Off In Shocking Dash-Cam

Woman left lying in road

“Drunk” Woman Left Lying In Road After Trying To Get Into Passing BMW

Santa comes to the rescue

WATCH: Father Christmas Rescues Woman Who Slipped On Icy Pavement