Sadiq: Give London Seat At Table During Brexit Negotiations

25 June 2016, 15:13

Sadiq Khan Liverpool Street

London mayor Sadiq Khan said that he is pushing for London to have a seat at the table during negotiations for Britain’s exit from the EU.

Sadiq, who governs the staunchly pro-European city, said that now brexit is a reality, he needs to ensure that London’s interest are protected.

"London was the one city  in England that voted to remain in the EU. We didn't just vote by a small amount, Sixty percent voted to remain, that's  a big big win."

"But we are country that's split. I want to heal that rift, but  also, there are almost a million Europeans in London,who are Londoners, and my message  to them is you are welcome."

"I have to recognise the results of the referendum, and so while I'm disappointed that we will be leaving the EU, I want to still have access to the single market and I think the government should listen to the people of London, and give us a seat around the negotiating table, so when a deal is done, London doesn't miss out,"

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