Storm Over The Latest Underground Ad Accused of Sexism

15 March 2017, 07:02

Mani Pedi Sexist Ad

...what do you think?

Tfl and City Hall are to investigate whether an ad adovcating that men keep their partners "sweet" with manicures is sexist.

Just weeks after a row about a Kardashian in a revealing outfit, London-based beauty app USPAAH - which offers mobile spa treatments - sparked more outrage on social media.

It features a man’s mock sad facial expression beside the text: "Out with the guys ‘til 4am again…? Keep her sweet with a spa mani/pedi at home."

Some are saying it suggests women can be bought off by gifts and accused the advertisers of peddling "1950s attitudes" to women. Others disagree:

The company is not just defending the ad, it's responding on Twitter to the criticism:

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