Wasted Garden Bridge Cash Could Have Bought Over 2,000 Police Officers

28 April 2017, 11:19

Garden Bridge London

The Mayor of London says taxpayers cash will not underwrite the Garden Bridge - effectively killing off the project.

In his letter to the trust's chairman Lord Davies, Sadiq Khan says there's a high-risk that more public money would be needed to pay for the project.

All that now remains is for the trust's board to wind up the project.

Garden Bridge: What Could Wasted £47m Have Bought


LBC's Theo Usherwood reports: "Today's decision brings to an end the long-running saga of the Garden Bridge, which started under Boris Johnson.

"So far nearly £50million of public money has been spent on concept of a 1,200 foot bridge spanning the river Thames in central London.

"A planning requirement stated the Mayor must also guarantee annual funding before work can start.

"With Mr Khan refusing to sign that guarantee, all that now remains is for the trust's board to wind up the project."

Mr Khan was first aware of London's hatred of the project during the LBC State of London debate last year.

Audience Show Sadiq Just How Much They Hate Garden Bridge

Sadiq Khan finds out just how much some Londoners hate the Garden Bridge at his first State of London Debate.


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