Goldsmith: I'm Certain Third Runway Won't Be Built

13 July 2015, 12:25

Zac Goldsmith: I Could Sacrifice Parliamentary Career Over Heathrow

The London Mayoral hopeful says he will resign his seat if the Government gives the green light to Heathrow's third runway - and he might not stand in the resulting by-election.


Zac Goldsmith told LBC he would consider resigning his seat in Parliament if the Heathrow expansion got the go ahead.

In his first broadcast interview since announcing he would run to be the next London Mayor, Zac Goldsmith remained convinced that the Davies Report recommendation for a third runway at the airport would not be approved by the Government.

"I don't think we'll lose this battle," the Conservative MP told Iain Dale. "I'm committed to fighting Heathrow expansion...I think it's the wrong decision, not just for Richmond and North Kingston but for the whole of London.

"For all the possible reasons, it's the wrong answer."

Iain played audio of George Osborne talking to LBC, when the Chancellor appeared to back the construction of the third runway. Goldsmith repeated his promise to resign his seat if his party approved the Davies Report's recommendation of expanding Heathrow.

"I made a pledge seven years ago, I've repeated it ever since...if my party gives the green light for Heathrow expansion, I'm obliged to resign my seat.

"I'm committed to triggering a by-election, but I'm not committed to standing in a by-election."

Protesters from action group Plane Stupid today stormed the runway at Heathrow, but while Goldsmith appreciated their sentiments, he said he couldn't back any protests that "put the public's nose out of joint".

"If you're going to protest, it's got to be about winning the argument. I don't think you win the arguments if you alienate huge groups of people."

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