Maajid argued that society would have been far quicker to deplore Al-Hijrah's segregation if the children were white

Maajid Nawaz: It Doesn't Matter If The Children Are Brown Or White, School Segregation Is Backwards

2 days ago

James O'Brien asked why poor white children were the worst performing in primary school

"Poor White Children's Parents Are To Blame For Their Poor Academic Performance"

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Grant Shapps: Who is Tory MP leading plot against Theresa May

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Tories's post-mortem report of the election says party support must be broadened

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Two bullies hold down the school girl and repeatedly punch and kick her

Mum Releases Shocking Footage To Raise Awareness Of Her Daughter Being Bullied

20 days ago

Dr Zeena Hopson told Andrew Castle British values like freedom of speech and tolerance should be taught in school

Former Ofsted Chief Says British Values Are Not Being Taught In School

23 days ago

Archbishop Justin Welby live on LBC

Boy In A Dress Is "Not A Problem", Says Archbishop Of Canterbury

25 days ago