Tempers Flare Across US After Trump Victory

9 November 2016, 07:46

Clinton Trump Fan Row

Within minutes of Donald Trump being named the next US President, his supporters were engaged in ferocious rows on the streets of New York with angry Clinton supporters.

 In one highly explicit video his supporters engaged in ferocious rows on the streets of New York with angry Clinton supporters.

(CAUTION: Contains strong language)

Dramatic Confrontation Between Clinton And Trump Fans

Our reporter Theo Usherwood caught this incredible confrontation on the streets of New York on camera.


Our reporter Theo Usherwood was close to Trump Tower, where fans of the Republican tycoon have been gathering since it became clear he was going to beat Hillary Clinton.

The video shows what happened when a Clinton fan - who appears to be a man of Middle Eastern origin - shouts at a Trump fan in a red cap: "This is the real America! America is racist!"

"Why don't you leave!" the Trump fan shouts back at him. "You hate America? Get the f*** out!"

From there, it gets even more heated and even more explicit.

It's not the only heated confrontation on the streets of the Big Apple last night, where both Trump and Clinton fans had gathered for election parties.

In this video, Theo encountered a Trump fan loudly berating a young man who said the result shows that America is "dead".

Trump Fan Angry As Clinton Voter Says "America Is Dead"

LBC's Theo Usherwood captures a dramatic confrontation on the streets of New York in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory.


Anti-Trump demonstrators in Los Angeles burnt a Pinata, a reference to the candidates derogatory comments about Mexicans, who are the biggest migrant group in the US.

Elsewhere in California protests broke out in Berkeley, with protesters chanting, 'not my president' as they matched through the streets.

Trump Pinata Burnt In Los Angeles


'Not. My. President.'


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