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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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How deep into the Earth do I own?


I have a small rear garden. How far down in the Earth do I legally own?
Francis, Barnet


** Definitive **
Name: Lex, Woking
Qualification: Degree in property development
Answer: In theory, you own your property down to the centre of the Earth. Obviously, as the world is spherical, the space under your house is conical. The council would object to you exploring your land if it started to interfere or cause problems to any neighbouring plots.

** Definitive **
Name: Adam, Southend
Qualification: Law degree with specialisation in land law
Answer: You own six foot underneath your house. Historically, you used to own to the centre of the Earth, but the government changed the law in the 20th century as they wanted the rights to any oil found underneath your house.