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Monday 29th August 2016
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How do you know when you're at the North Pole?

Mystery Hour Christmas Question

north poleIf I decided to travel to the North Pole, how would I know that I’m there? Is there a pole, or a border?
Dave, Orpington


** Definitive ** - REVOKED
Name: Will, Blackheath
Qualification: A Level in Physics
Answer: The facetious answer is your sat-nav device would reach 0degrees latitude and 0degrees longitude when you reach the north pole. If you don’t have one, your compass would spin round and round and round without settling on a spot – as you’d be facing north in every direction. At the North Pole, there is a flag

** Definitive ** _ CONFIRMED
Name: Greg, Farnham
Qualification: Flown a light plane over the North Pole
Answer: There are two north poles – the geographic one, which we’re referring to – and the magnetic north pole, which is actually in Canada. The geographical north pole is in the sea, covered by an ice cap and there is no marker as it moves every year. So the real answer to how do you know if you’re in the North Pole is – you don’t!

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