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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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How do you steer a hot-air balloon?


hot air balloonHow do you steer a hot-air balloon?
Adam, Ongar


** Definitive **
Name: Bob, Guildford
Qualification: I’ve been in two hot air balloons
Answer: You can’t steer hot air balloons. At different altitudes, you have different wind directions. The driver had charts and information from the meteorologist society to help him, but he couldn’t steer it to where he wanted to go. That’s why he had a ground crew following us around, so they could pick us up and take us back to where we started. They often pick different launch sites to end up at their chosen destination.

Name: Bobby, Enfield
Qualification: My friend once went in a hot-air balloon
Answer: The heat from the gas flame increases or decreases their altitude and depending on how high or low they are, the wind goes in different directions, so they change altitude depending on which way you want to go.
(James O’Brien: I can’t give you a round of applause. This may not be the most sophisticated question I’ve ever asked, but: Is that how the sky works?)

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