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Friday 26th August 2016
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How much further is outside of M25 to inside?


m25-sml.jpgIf two people drive around the M25 in opposite directions in the inside lane, what is the difference in the distance they will have travelled?
Malcolm, Winchmore Hill


** Definitive **
Name: Stuart, Reading
Qualification: I've driven both ways!
Answer: The M25 is 130 miles one way and 120 miles going the other way. So it's a 10-mile difference.

** Steward's Enquiry **
Name: Clive
Qualification: Logic!
Answer: There are hardly any points on the M25 that you can't see the other lane, so for the difference to be 10 miles, the road would have to be extremely wide. So the difference would be a matter of metres.

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