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Saturday 27th August 2016
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iPad: The Gadget Guru's View

ipadSee photos of the Apple iPad

It is an impressive piece of kit. Just ½ an inch thick with a 10-inch touchscreen. But the most impressive element is a 10-hour battery time when you’re using it and a 30-day standby time.

They’ve basically created a category in between phones and netbooks. With the 1GHz chip they’ve created for this, it is immensely powerful – much more so than the rubbish netbooks. And with pricing almost the same, I know which I’d rather go with.

You will be able to read your books on it as well, while the New York Times has signed up for a digital release via the iBooks store that Apple have announced. Imagine being able to read a newspaper in full colour, complete with video clips, where you can watch the news! It all sounds a bit sci-fi now!

But who is going to use this? That’s what I’m not sure about. I can see it doing very well with businessmen who want to show off their portfolio for example, as it allows you to do all the things you can do on an iPod Touch, but in a much bigger way.

Where I think it will certainly succeed is in the gaming market. Games that work on the iPod Touch will work on this already and they are releasing games specifically for the iPad. Nintendo and Sony must be worried about that.

We don’t know how much it will cost over here. It’s $499 in the US, but we don’t know what that will correspond to. The non-3G version will be released here at the end of March.

And a lot of people have complained about the name iPad. But give it a few months and it will seem a completely natural word!