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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Diesel Drivers To Be Fined For Leaving Engines Running

Monday 4th August 2014

Islington Council has introduced a fine to motorists who leave their diesel engines running while stationary.

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 Stationary vehicles that are found to be running on diesel fuel will be charged £20 on the spot as a part of a controversial new measure aimed at curbing pollution in the capital. The fine will target diesel users due to its higher levels of pollutants that are harmful to the human body. 

Counsellor Claudia Webbe, Islington Council's executive member for environment, said: “We are committed to improving air quality in Islington which is why we are clamping down on idling buses, lorries and diesel cars, as part of our air quality strategy."

The measure is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, with the possibility of other councils following in its footsteps.

The introduction of the new diesel charge follows Mayor Boris Johnson’s proposed plans to charge drivers an additional £10 when driving into London.

Boris Johnson recently called on the Governments to strive towards meeting EU standards for NO2 emissions by 2020 instead of the previous mark of 2030. This plan includes lower emitting bus fleets, setting restrictions on cabs and hired cars, and encouraging the use of low-emission transport systems.

Islington’s decision to clamp down on diesel drivers in the borough signals an unwinding of incentives previously given to diesel drivers.  In the past, motorists have been encouraged to buy diesel fuelled cars because of the better mileage capabilities and relatively lower CO2 emissions. Experts are now saying that, despite being better for the environment, diesel is worse for the human body.

According to Islington Council and the Mayor’s office, 200 deaths each year in the borough can be traced to poor air quality.

Islington council advises drivers to switch off idling vehicles at traffic lights, school drop off zones, and while loading and unloading their vehicles.