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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Israel Bombing Is 'Deliberately Disproportionate' Says Clegg

Thursday 17th July 2014

Israel's military campaign in Gaza has been "deliberately disproportionate", according to Nick Clegg.

Israel caused international outrage when four boys were killed while playing football on a beach as the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensified.

The Deputy Prime Minister urged Israel to halt their bombing, saying it is not in their best interests.

He said: "Regardless of what side you are on in this ancient, bloody conflict, no one can feel indifferent to the spectable of this overcrowded, desperate sliver of land, Gaza, where so many thousands of people are suffering.

"I will always defend - and I've done it on this programme before - Israel's right to defend itself in the face of violence that is designed to terrorise Israeli citizens.

gaza bomb

"I've spoken out repeatedly about Israel's very legitimate demands that Hamas and others recognise Israel's right to exist peacefully within its own borders and protect the security of its own citizens.

"But I really do think now the Israeli response appears to be deliberately disproportionate.

"It is amounting now to a disproportionate form of collective punishment. It is leading to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is just unacceptable and I would really now call on the Israeli government to stop. They've proved their point.

"Israel of course retains the right to react, but i'm just saying you cannot see the humanitarian suffering in Gaza - and the very many deaths in Gaza - now without concluding that there is not much more going to be served in Israel's own interest.