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Monday 29th August 2016
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Should drugs be legalised?

Posted by James Max on December 09, 2012 at 10:30AM

Legalising drugs is one option that should be considered by David Cameron and ministers, according to a new report by MPs who've spent a year looking at the issue; They want a Royal Commission set up to examine all possible changes. But are they right to think this? Would legalising drugs be a good move?

Dr David Kuo joined me in the studio to look at the impact of the Autumn Statement on you. From interest rates, triple dip recessions, pensions and inflation Ė we covered the lot. If you want to follow David Ė heís on @thekuoknows



We turned our attention to Lord Levesonís comments about the need to curb the excesses of social media. I understand his comments but increasingly feel the desire to legislate wonít solve anything and will limit freedoms. What is a problem is the anonymity of users and the power of those with multiple followers. Iím not sure social media is as democratic as some say it is. Although it is revolutionising the world,  the court of public opinion is something to be treated with a great deal of care, particularly when its use of fact, analysis and knowledge is often limited!



Neil Midgeley from the Telegraph joined me to look at the Sunday morning newspapers; we chatted to Max Clifford about how to control the media and to Jonathan Shalit about the finale of the X Factor. The show continues and there are a number of the finalists who he thinks could very well have good careers having taken part.



Finally we turned to the age old discussion of drugs. Ultimately, whilst it would be a wonderful world if no one suffered from addiction, the sad reality is that they do. A Royal Commission to look at this countryís drug policy should be undertaken freely and openly. Itíll be the only way to come to a view and consensus that stops sweeping this often tragic social issue under the carpet.



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