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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Were you smacked as a child?

Posted by James Max on February 03, 2013 at 10:48AM

The row over the right to smack your child reignited this morning. Plus, would the issue of gay marriage change your vote?

As rent continues to rise in London, one has to wonder what the solution is. I worry about them. Some say a big house building programme funded by the government or local authorities is required. Sadly the track record of such ventures isnít good. Freeing up the planning laws would help, but making sure that landlords are regulated properly is better. Often Estate Agents are great, but there are some rogues out there and regulation is required.



Reverting back to the topic of the moment; as we head closer to Tuesdayís vote in the House of Commons over gay marriage, itís clear there is a lot of disagreement over the matter. Itís not for me to influence opinion or change minds although youíd expect me to have an opinion. In twenty years time, I think we will look back on this moment and wonder why or how anyone could have disagreed with a change in the law. Indeed as we develop as a society, itís important that we recognise that what we see as right for ourselves isnít necessarily right for others. What I do think is important is the ability for individuals to have their freedoms and rights. To have the will of an organised religion imposed on others seems to be rather backward looking. Nevertheless, once the law is changed there will still be plenty of resistance.



Nigel Nelson joined me to review the newspapers and we discussed smacking. The row reignited this morning as the Justice Secretary defended the right of parents to smack their children and it really got you going. Lawyers say it should never be allowed. Iíd say sometimes it should be acceptable as a last resort however to find an argument against smacking a child for having a fight is a tough one! Iíd better go off and think of an answer!



Iíll be back next weekend for Breakfast from 7am. I hope youíll join me.