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Monday 29th August 2016
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Sun Tans

Posted by James O'Brien on August 13, 2012 at 15:02PM

I hate the word 'common', probably because it was my mum's descriptor of choice for any behaviour of mine she particularly disapproved of.

Janet Street-Porter is clearly made of similar stuff. She contends in her Mail column today that natural sun tans are common and, despite describing herself as looking like an old leather handbag, pleads guilty to the charge.

I wonder if she actually needs a harsher adjective. The tales of melanoma and skin cancer are now so numerous and the link with even the most cursory exposure so well-established that one wonders why we don't all wonder around in a duvet cover.

Mums are particularly passionate about their children, even the mums who are not averse to a little bronzing themselves will now slather their little treasures in oodles of lotion. And why opn earth wouldn't they? Burns hurt, their aftermath can be fatal and the benefits are questionable to say the least.

So it's not common to tan naturally, it's downright stupid. I just wish I had the choice not to be possessed of a bluey-white exterior, even temporarily.