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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Jamie Oliver Challenges Clegg Over Obesity

Thursday 5th June 2014

Jamie Oliver challenged Nick Clegg to reduce childhood obesity as he put a question to the Deputy Prime Minister on LBC.

The celebrity chef challenged the Deputy Prime Minister to commit to reducing childhood obesity by 5% in five years.

And Mr Clegg insisted that he is trying to do that by implementing his controversial free school dinners policy.

"The evidence, and Jamie will know this, is overwhelming," he commented.

"We've got far too may kids who are poor but not receiving free school meals who are turning up at school with a can of something and a slice of white bread with some chocolate paste on it and they're failing to concentrate in the afternoon.

"Their education is suffering and their health is suffering as well and they are often then on the early steps towards obesity.

"I think it will prove to be one of the biggest best achievements in order to address precisely what Jamie's been campaigning on.

"Whether it's five percent, whether it's seven percent... look I can't pluck a percentage out of the thin air, maybe we should go more than five percent.

"All I do know is, again, trying to be practical, what I can do about is try and ensure that this new radical policy, starting in the autumn despite all the cynicism, skepticism about it is as fully and properly delivered from this autumn as possible because I think that would really help deal with child obesity in the long run."