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Friday 26th August 2016
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Jobless Man Refused To Wear Uniform For Job

Wednesday 11th September 2013

A man who has been unemployed for eight years didn't get a job in a supermarket as he refused to wear a uniform.

Julia Hartley BrewerPaul in Clerkenwell first called LBC 97.3 in December and revealed that he had recently been offered a job, but he rejected it as he didn't want to get up at 7.30am.

We caught up with him in February, when he had taken that job, but was sacked two weeks later for twice being late for work after late nights at parties.

He then refused a job at a bakery because he didn't want to wear a hat.

Listen to the first three calls from Paul

Julia Hartley-Brewer spoke to him again this afternoon and was dumbstruck when he revealed he has still failed to get a job - even failing to get a supermarket job after saying he would not wear a uniform.

He also opposes the Bedroom Tax, claiming that: "What if I'm having a party? They'd want to stay over?"