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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Judge Disciplined After Nick Ferrari Complaint

Tuersday 4th December 2012

A judge who said burglary needed "a huge amount of courage" has been given a formal reprimand following a complaint by Nick Ferrari on behalf of LBC 97.3 listeners.

office judicial complaintsJudge Peter Bowers made the comments as he spared burglar Richard Rochford jail at Teesside crown court in September. With LBC 97.3 listeners furious at the judge, Nick Ferrari put in an official complaint.

The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice upheld Nick's complaint.

Paul Mendelle QC has told us the Judge will now continue in his role. He told LBC 97.3: "He's been disciplined. The Office Of Judicial Complaints have looked into the complaint and they've found it well-founded.

"He's been sanctioned by Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor and that seems to show in my view that the system is working well."