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Monday 29th August 2016
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'This Is Why Women Should Be Paid Less'

Tuesday 19th August 2014

Katie Hopkins told LBC she would never hire a woman again.

katie hopkins

The businesswoman and former Apprentice contestent believes that maternity benefits cost too much for small businesses, while mothers don't give as much attention to work as non-mothers.

Figures show that women have to work for 14 years longer than men to earn the same amount of money.

Ms Hopkins admitted she was not surprised, given that women take time off for motherhood.

She told LBC's John Stapleton: "Every time little Timothy has a toothache, you tend to see a female member of staff disappearing.

"It's very much a reality of the workplace. We can try to smooth over this and pretend that having a baby has no impact at all in the workplace, but it has a huge and significant one.

"You have statutary maternity pay and employers are reimbursed, but that doesn't even cover one-tenth of the cost in reality. You have to recruit behind that person, you have to train someone else up.

"For the small- or medium-sized businesses that I've worked with, they find this one of the biggest challenges of all and one of the biggest frustrations. 

"We're supposed to be dishing out equal pay, but in reality, the value given to the business by a female employee is significantly less.

"Recruiters will tell you - off the record - that given the choice of a male or a female of 22 of equal ability, they would employ the male every time.

"For me, as an employer, I would not choose to employ a female member of staff again because the cost of maternity leave to my business was so significant and I found it a painful experience."