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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Ken Livingstone Defends Saying Tories 'Riddled With Gays'

Thursday 9th February 2012

Ken Livingstone says he stands by his claim that the Conservative party is “riddled with homosexuals”.

Ken LivingstoneTory MPs want Ed Miliband to intervene after the remarks in an interview with the New Statesman.

But the Labour Mayoral candidate has told LBC 97.3 the comments were meant to suggest attitudes in the Conservative party have changed.

He said: “When I, 10 years ago, introduced civil partnerships at City Hall, Boris Johnson wrote saying that he couldn’t see the difference between a man marrying a man and a man marrying a dog.

“A bit over the top, a bit offensive – but not one of those MPs complained.

Ken Livingstone Defends Saying Tories Are "Riddled With Gays" (mp3)

Mr Livingstone, who is the Labour candidate for the London Mayoral Election in May, said in his New Statesman article that the public “should be allowed to know everything, except the nature of private relationships. Unless there is hypocrisy, like some Tory MP denouncing homosexuality while they are indulging in it.

“The Labour ones have all come out. As soon as Blair got in, if you came out as lesbian or gay you immediately got a job. It was wonderful.

“You just knew the Tory party was riddled with it like everywhere else is.”