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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Laundrette Fire Started By Tumble-Dried Clothes

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Tumble-dried folded clothes started a fire that caused serious damage in a laundrette in Bromley.

Laundrette Fire
Picture: London Fire Brigade

Investigators believe that the clothes were hot from the tumble drier and then tightly-folded and packed, which led to oils within the items catching fire.

Eight people were evacuated from surrounding flats and fortunately no one was injured.

Gary Pratt from the London Fire Brigade's investigation unit said: "Sometimes when materials are cleaned, put in tumble dryers and then folded and bowed, a lot of the heat hasnít dissipated so it carries on heating and gets to a temperature where it smoulders and eventually ignites.

"If you are washing and then drying on a very hot cycle allow the heat to dispel properly or give it a blast on a cool cycle so it cools down, before stacking them all together."

They estimage that they attend 20 fires every year from "self-heating materials".