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Sunday 28th August 2016
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LBC Goes National: Everything You Need To Know

Tuesday 11th February 2014

LBC has gone national! We are Britain's first and only commercial news talk radio station.

LBC digital radioLondon's favourite talk radio station is now available across the UK in high quality digital radio.

See the announcement here >>

LBC Going National: FAQs

How will LBC change?
What you hear won't change at all. You'll still hear your favourite presenters, talking about the big issue subjects of the day. If you're talking about it, we're talking about it. And the people in charge will still be here answering your questions, including Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson.

Will LBC still be on 97.3FM?
Yes, you can still listen to LBC on 97.3FM around London in the same way you always have. But you'll now be able to listen around the country on your DAB digital radio as well.

Will we still get London travel news and weather?
Everything you have now, you will still have on LBC. We'll still be covering everything you need to keep you moving around London with the best and most frequent travel news anywhere.

Will LBC still cover London stories?
Yes, if there's a story that affects Londoners, we'll still cover it. When there are tube strikes, we will still keep you fully updated. We have always covered both London stories and big news from around the country, so that won't change. Recently, as well as covering the helicopter crash in Vauxhall, we also covered the helicopter crash in Glasgow and Norfolk as well - and we'll continue to do that.

Will the phone number change?
No, you'll still be able to call us on 0845 6060973 and text on 84850

So what will change?
Essentially, the only change you will notice is that you can now listen to LBC anywhere around the country on your DAB digital radio. We will have a new tagline - Leading Britain's Conversation - but you won't see any change in the content of the shows.

How can we find you?
On DAB digital radio, you will need to press the Autotune/Retune button to find our new spot. That should find us. You will need to replace any presets of LBC that you have with the new place.

If that doesn't work, our engineers recommend selecting Factory Reset on your digital radio. Your radio should find us when it restarts.