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Saturday 27th August 2016
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LBC Podcasts On Your iPhone Or iPad

It's simple to get LBC Podcasts to download straight to your iPhone or iPad - just follow these simple instructions.

<a class='autolink' href='/lbc-podcasts-79018'>podcast</a>er5The app that we have tested this with is Podcaster 5 (69p). Other podcast apps will also work, including iCatcher! (1.49) and PodCruncher (1.49). The only free app that we found which will work is RSSRadio, but this only allows you to subscribe to three podcast channels.

To download LBC podcasts directly to your iPhone or iPad:

1) Download Podcaster 5 to your iPhone or iPad. Open the app.

2) It should open on the favourites tab. In the top corner, there is a + sign. Click on it.

3) Click Import in the top right hand corner.

4) Here, you need to add the RSS feed for the feeds you wish to download.

The RSS feeds for LBC's main shows are:
Steve Allen:
The Morning News:
Nick Ferrari:
James O'Brien:
Julia Hartley-Brewer:
Iain Dale:
Clive Bull:
Anthony Davis:
Duncan Barkes:
Nick Abbot:
Ian Collins:
James Max:
Ken Livingstone & David Mellor:
Petrie Hosken:
Scores with Ian Payne:
Emma Barnett:
Larry Lamb:

Once you have entered your feed URL into the box, click Next.

5) Enter your LBC Podcasts username and password - the details you use to log in to the LBC Podcasts website.

6) The app will then tell you that the import was successful. Click Back.

7) Click Import to import another podcast channel to the app, or Done to finish.

The app will then download the most recent podcast from the channel you have selected!

Each time you open the app, it will search for any new podcasts and will download them automatically (when you are on a wifi network).

Enjoy listening to LBC Podcasts whenever and wherever you are!