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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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LBC Raises Money To Make Sure This Man Gets A New Kidney

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

LBC raised hundreds of pounds to ensure this listener can get the kidney transplant he desperately needs.

Oliver Cameron appeared on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show yesterday to tell the wonderful story of how an LBC campaign led to his sister being finally allowed in the country to donate him a kidney.

He originally phoned LBC in February to tell his powerful story. The 38-year-old from Stoke Newington needs a kidney transplant and discovered that his sister Keisha Rushton, who lives in Jamaica, is a match.

She applied to the Home Office for a visa to come and help her younger brother, but was rejected on the grounds that she might not return home.

The ruling provoked outrage and, after it was highlighted by LBC, an e-petition got thousands of signatures demanding that the Home Office overturn the decision.

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire is believed to have examined the case personally and asked for a visa to be awarded to Ms Rushton.

Mr Oliver appeared in the studio to say thank you to Julia for her help - but off-air, he admitted to her that he and his sister are struggling to afford the vital flight from Kingston to Gatwick.

When Julia mentioned this on-air, the switchboard was inundated with calls from generous listeners keen to help Keisha come to the country.

That raised hundreds of pounds and Virgin Atlantic very kindly offered discounted flights to help her come to the country for the vital operation. Thank you very much to both Virgin Atlantic and the LBC listeners for their generosity.

Listen to Oliver Cameron's original call