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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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LBC Twitter Worm Gives Farage Edge In Debate

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Nigel Farage edged the LBC Leaders' Debate over Nick Clegg, according to the LBC Twitter Worm.

Twitter Worm

The LBC Twitter Worm scans the social network about the LBC Debate and has an algorithm which determines whether the tweets are positive or negative about the candidates, plotting the results on a map.

And the graph above shows that the red line of Nigel Farage can be seen to be narrowly higher than the blue line of Nick Clegg.

The result is the same as the result from the YouGov poll for LBC and The Sun, but closer between the two.

Nigel Farage got his best reaction on the night on Twitter for his joke about the food in Europe,but struggled when ranting about Bulgarians and Romanians.

Mr Clegg was at his most popular when discussing the benefits that membership of Europe brings when dealing with paedophiles and criminals abroad.

His economic argument, however, scored fairly poorly.

Below is a Word Cloud, showing the main words used in the tweets about the LBC Debate.

Twitter worm Word Cloud