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Sunday 28th August 2016
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LBC's Mobile Apps: Listen Wherever You Are

You can listen to LBC on your mobile with one of our mobile apps.

iPad app

You'll need to have a good quality 3G or WiFi signal to get the best experience, and you should check that your data plan has unlimited (or near unlimited) free data allowance. Our applications use roughly 27MB of data an hour.

As well as great sound quality, you can also see visual information from the station. On most apps you can scroll back and forth through the information by touch swiping or using the left and right buttons on the joystick - and click the button or tap the visual if you want to open that page in your web browser.

iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

You'll find our app in the iTunes App store, either by searching for LBC in the App Store application on your phone, or by clicking below.

Android (Google) Phones - NEW!

Our brand new app runs on almost all Android phones, and is available from the Google Play. You can only access the app store Google Play or by clicking on the link below.

Other Mobile Phones

Visit from your mobile device and select the make and model of your device. You will then be given a choice of ways to listen to LBC.

If you handset isn't listed, then let us know. We can't promise to support all phones, but we may be able to help find a way for you to listen.

Worth knowing...

* Using your phone to listen to the radio uses data capacity, at roughly 27MB an hour (60kbit/s). If you exceed your data allowance, your operator may charge you for each extra MB you use.
* You can use your own WiFi (or other unlimited WiFi services) for as long as you like - this does not affect your mobile phone data allowance.
* You should not use these applications on mobile networks whilst roaming, as data allowances do not apply whilst roaming and data charges are extremely high.
* If you have a poor 3G signal (2 or less bars), or only EDGE (shown with an E) or GRPS (sometimes shown as a G, or two arrows), the application will not work correctly.
* Our applications may use the GPS in your phone (if there is one) to work out where you are, and show other radio stations that are local to you.
* Our applications stream audio using the highest available quality, although this varies from handset to handset.
* If you are not receiving the visuals, then it's possible that your network is blocking access. Our visuals use the RadioVIS system, on port 61613.