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Saturday 20th December 2014
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LBC's Presenters

  • Nick Ferrari sml NEW.jpg

    Nick Ferrari

    Find out more about the man all politicians are scared of - Nick Ferrari.

  • James O'Brien sml NEW.jpg

    James O'Brien

    No rules, no running order and certainly no scripts - meet James.

  • Stig and Petrie

    Stig Abell And Petrie Hosken

    Stig and Petrie host Sunday breakfast on LBC.

  • Iain Dale sml NEW.jpg

    Iain Dale

    Find out more about LBC Drivetime host and top blogger, Iain Dale.

  • ken and david

    Ken And David

    Ken Livingstone and David Mellor review the week in politics on LBC.

  • Steve Allen sml NEW.jpg

    Steve Allen

    No one is safe from this man's tongue... it's Steve Allen.

  • Larry Lamb

    Larry Lamb

    Meet the award-winning actor and presenter Larry Lamb.

  • Julia Hartley Brewer

    Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Find out more about LBC's afternoon presenter - Julia Hartley-Brewer.

  • Clive Bull sml NEW.jpg

    Clive Bull

    Find out more about LBC's evening presenter.

  • Duncan Barkes

    Duncan Barkes

    LBC's new late night star - it's radio veteran Duncan Barkes.

  • olly mann

    Olly Mann

    Meet LBC's new overnight presenter - Olly Mann.

  • andrew pierce new

    Andrew Pierce

    More about Andrew, columnist and Consultant Editor for The Daily Mail.

  • Petrie Hosken sml NEW.jpg

    Petrie Hosken

    Find out what Petrie Hosken won a UN medal for.

  • Nick Abbot sml NEW.jpg

    Nick Abbot

    Find out why Nick Abbot hates Blondie quite so much!

  • Ian Collins

    Ian Collins

    Meet Ian Collins - speech radio star, now on LBC.

  • Lisa Aziz

    Lisa Aziz

    The Morning News With Lisa Aziz is on Monday to Friday from 6.30am.

  • Ian Payne

    Ian Payne

    Find out more about presenter of Scores, Ian Payne.

  • Cristo sml NEW.jpg

    Cristo Foufas

    Find out more about presenter Cristo Foufas.