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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Life For Man And Addict He Hired To Murder His Wife

Friday 22nd August 2014

A man and a drug addict he hired to kill his wife in Forest Gate have been jailed for life for her murder.

Mohamed Ali and Frederick Best

Amina Bibi, 43, was stabbed more than 70 times during the attack, which took place at her home in George Carver House, Station Road at around 8.30am on Friday 13 September.  

She was found dying in a pool of blood by her eleven year old son, who had returned to the flat as he had forgotten his homework. It's thought his return may have disturbed the attack. 

The court heard that officers discovered Mrs Bibi's husband Mohammed Ali (pictured top left) was having an affair with his sister-in-law in Pakistan - something he denied - and had also built up a large amount of debt. Mrs Bibi had significant savings in the house.

Ali knew Ferderick Best (pictured top right), of Kebble Terrace, east London, from when he owned a shop in the 1990s. He also knew that Best had a drug habit.

The pair had lost touch but met again by chance in 2013, which is when officers believe the murder plan was hatched.

Ali, 65, told Best, 47, he would pay him 1,000 to kill Amina Bibi at their home.

Following the murder detectives identified Ali on CCTV speaking with another man outside the flat before it took place.

Officers seized his two mobile phones. One held the numbers of family and friends, the other held only numbers in Pakistan and one UK number, that had been called frequently around the time of Mrs Bibi's death.

It turned out to be Best's number and he matched the description of the man seen talking to Ali on CCTV.

Best was arrested at his home address on September 17 2013. Ali was arrested soon afterwards. Two days later they were both charged with murder.

Best, a crack cocaine addict, claimed in interview that he was paid to burgle Ali's flat and that he did not kill Amina Bibi. Instead, he said that he found her lying on the floor covered in blood.

Ali and Best were found guilty of murder earlier this week.

On sentencing, His Honor Judge Hone QC said of Ali: "You planned this with incredible care. You lied to everyone, even your own sons. You have shown no real remorse."

Of Best he said: "You have shown not a glimmer of remorse or shame"

Amina Bibi

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams, of the HMCC, said: "This was a cold and calculated act planned and devised by Mohamed Ali to have the mother of his two children killed.

"He recruited Fred Best, a man with a drug dependency, to carry out the murder for the price of some jewellery and cash. He arranged for Best to attend his flat on the morning in question where he left open the communal doors allowing Best access to his flat.

"He also gave Best a key to his front door to gain entry to the flat while Ali used the 'school run' to provide himself with an alibi, secure in the knowledge that his unsuspecting wife was at home alone. Within a minute of Ali leaving with his youngest child, Best entered and carried out a ferocious attack on Mrs Bibi, stabbing her approximately 70 times.

"It was during this attack that Best was disturbed by the eldest child - who had returned to the home address on realising that he had forgotten his home work. The sound of desperate knocking on the window and front door caused Best to panic and flee. Unfortunately Amina Bibi's son will have to carry with him the tragic memory of the events of that day forever.

"Although Ali played the part of a loving and concerned husband and father, his story soon began to unravel. Both he and Best were arrested within days of the offence and although they tried to cover their tracks it soon became apparent that they were responsible. This was a complicated investigation solved by hard-working and dedicated officers.

"This is a tragic case which has left two children without their mother and father, and also with them the knowledge that one of the parents was responsible for the death of the other. I only hope that over time the memory of it will fade in the minds of the children and that they will be able to overcome this tragic and brutal incident." 

At the Old Bailey today Ali was given life with a minimum of 24 years and Best was also given life and told he must serve a minimum of 30 years.