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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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LISTEN: An Open Letter To Lawrence's Killers

James O'Brien invited blogger Dan Hodges to read his Open letter to Gary Dobson and David Norris on his LBC 97.3 show.

Hodges grew up in the same part of south London as Stephen Lawrence's murderers and spent his youth hanging out in the same places. But he says the arrogant racism that ruled the place is now a thing of the past - forced underground.

In his powerful letter to Dobson and Norris, he says: "Things have changed. And it’s you that changed them. The racism. The bile. The hate. It’s still there, swirling around. But it’s been driven underground, into the sewers. It’s no longer striding cocksure, clad in its tacky grey and yellow trim jacket, down Eltham High Street.

"Because it’s not your manor any more. You're the outsiders. And you’ve been so for a long time. When you walk into a pub, it’s you that’s been the subject of the strange looks and whispered comments. The black guy sitting at the table with his white girlfriend: he’s more welcome than you. I wonder, how does that feel?"

Listen to the full remarkable piece below.

Dan Hodges blog