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Friday 26th August 2016
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Dying Man Shares Life Lessons He's Leaving His Daughter

Friday 27th June 2014

A man who has an estimated year left to live is spending the time he has left recording advice videos for his three year old daughter.

Picture: Ian PrattIan with Georgiana in 2010. Picture: Ian Pratt

Ian Pratt, 44, is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease and hopes they can provide advice and guidance for Georgiana as she grows up.

Ian was diagnosed with MND after suddenly losing a lot of weight in 2011. 

"I was having loads of muscle cramps of muscle wasting and twitching in my muscles. My GP sent me off to a neurologist for further examination after significant testing I was informed that I had a terminal condition called Motor Neurone Disease," he told LBC's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"That was one of the toughest things, on the day of my diagnosis all I wanted to do was go and pick Georgiana up from the nursery and just give her big hugs."

Picture: Ian PrattIan and his wife Catherine at Georgiana's Christening in October 2010. Picture: Ian Pratt

Although his form of Motor Neurone Disease is less aggressive than the disease can be it is still terminal and Ian has no real idea of how long he has left.

He wants to make sure that even after he has gone he is still helping to raise Georgiana in some way.

Picture: Ian Pratt"It's the conversations that a father wants to have with their daughter and most people don't even give a thought to. Things like when she meets a boy or whoever she meets up with, make sure it's the right person or enjoy the time with them," he said of the videos.

"Going travelling, experience life and not just only travelling around the world, go and experience things."

Ian, an accountant, set up his own financial business and told Julia it is really important to him that his daughter has good financial sense.

"That's the toughest one to do because I just don't know how to sort a spreadsheet and talk to her at the same time but it's giving the advice and loans and those sorts of things," he said, admitting he is currently in the process of creating that video.

"I'd like her to study and have an opportunity to study and go to University should that be what she chooses to do but aim high don't settle for second best." 

It is Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month - you can can get information, advice and help on